A Allen Hacker

Getting the results you want depends on finding your unique path, not on accepting someone else's opinions or meeting their demands. Allen guides you to your own discoveries of self, purpose and challenges, and then coaches you through their clarification and development. Along the way, you shed your challenges.

Allen is the developer of Stress Affect Resolution, a breakthrough method that makes self-inspection easy, efficient and fast. You will deal directly with the underlying elements behind your issues and experience surprisingly rapid change.

Allen's clients benefit from over 40 years of experience in personal counseling, executive coaching and management consulting, and independent psychological research. He is always on your side against your challenges and in support of your destiny, in total confidentiality.


Allen is an independent researcher into the inner language of self-expression.

His special talent is to draw out your hidden thoughts - the underlying problem elements of your challenges - and coach you to their solutions. His view of the person and the mind is unique, so his approach to accessing your subliminal awareness is different. Yet it is as easy to experience as talking with an interested friend.

Allen is a veteran who has been in the world for a long time and seen the worst and the best of it, so he can hear you. He serves as an unaffiliated private Chaplain, which permits absolute client confidentiality without dogma, preaching or discrimination.

Allen's insights and methods result in surprisingly rapid improvement. Critical issues usually resolve very quickly, which is why Allen is often thought of as the coach of last resort.


Ordained Minister (undenominated)
* ASC Missions Group, ntc. / Resolution Chapel, 1989

Professional Affiliate, American Psychological Association:
* Division 36, Psychology of Religion and Spirituality;
* Division 56, Trauma Psychology.


Except for text/messaging to make the initial connection, all services and calls are donation-based.

As our services are donation incentives, we will return a donation within the first 30 days of service for anyone who can honestly state in writing that (a) they fully complied with all reasonable conduct and procedural requirements of the service, (b) the service has proven to have no value to them, and (c) they will not request services again without offering to restore any returned donation.

We will not return a donation after receiving a subsequent donation for further service.

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A Allen Hacker
Traumatic Stress Coach

 Certified Resolution Chaplain 
PTSD Explained

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