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Post-Trauma Stress?

From daily stress to full-blown PTSD
effective therapy is built into these services
because everybody has troubles,
and no program works without resolving those first.
Inquiry / Registration Call

After a short discussion of your situation,
I will confirm whether I can help,
and tell you what I think it will take;
you'll decide whether you are confident and comfortable
with me and my approach.
Then we'll make a plan and proceed from there.

Requested donation $29
Crisis Call

One-shot Troubleshooting for Crises
and Mission-Critical Emergencies


* situational analysis
* values clarification
* blockbusting
* strategy

Requested donation $99
Destiny Program

A person-centered
ongoing intensive self-actualization program


* personal discovery and life planning
* career development / business counsel from the inside out


* resolving acute personal travail
* blockbusting
* skills coaching


* Up to two full hours per week as one or two sessions
or a combination of calls and project-development by coach.

Requested donation $179 per week or $499 per month

* Service and billing continue until you cancel.
* We will ask,
after you complete our fomal service and are successful,
that you consider an ongoing monthly pay-it-forward subscription
to keep yourself connected
and to keep us there for future seekers.
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A Allen Hacker
Traumatic Stress Coach

 Certified Resolution Chaplain 
PTSD Explained

(509) 464-9974

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